SCA update: eReferral proof of concept nearing completion!

The System Coordinated Access (SCA) program is fast approaching the end of our electronic referral (eReferral) Proof of Concept. For the past year, we’ve been working in collaboration with a consortium of vendors – Think ResearchCognisantMD, and the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) – to develop an online eReferral solution that meets the specific needs of patients and healthcare providers in our community.

This strategy is unique in that it is built around the concept of first understanding the needs and frustrations that exist today in the referral space and building a solution to meet those needs versus a traditional out-of-box solution.

The first phase of this deployment has focused on referrals to Orthopedic SpecialistsDiabetes programs, and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CDPM) services. A key success to this model to date has been the dedicated group of clinicians, administration, system partners (such as the Waterloo Wellington Regional Coordination Centre) and patients and caregivers that have contributed their time and energy to the design process. As a result, over 250 enhancements have been made to the eReferral solution so far with more to come!

We have found there to be significant value in including clinicians and patients in the development, design and testing of the solution and using their feedback to improve both the process and product – with their help, we’re creating a solution that will work for the people actually using it!

What’s next?

If the Proof of Concept is successful, the SCA program will be looking to expand the eReferral solution to additional pathways in Waterloo Wellington, including in the next phase Diagnostic ImagingMental Health and Addictions, and Specialized Geriatrics Services, and will continue to onboard additional primary care physicians in the community as eReferral services grow. While this work in Waterloo Wellington marches on, the program will also be looking to expand the eReferral solution to other interested LHINs with an initial focus on orthopedic referrals.


Please direct all questions to SCA Program Manager Lori Moran, at