About the System Coordinated Access (SCA) program

A mother and her daughter are listening to the doctor talk about her treatment.

Why System Coordinated Access?

Since 2010, there has been significant investment aimed at introducing or enhancing efforts to streamline referral processes in order to coordinate and simplify access to different components of the health care system. This approach has supported the development of a number of Coordinated Access referral programs in Waterloo Wellington, enabling patients, families, and health care providers to access specific services more easily and efficiently. While there has been some degree of collaboration between select Coordinated Access initiatives, for the most part these solutions have been developed independently of one another and there has been no formal effort to promote integration. This disconnect between referral systems has made it challenging for providers to easily access appropriate and timely services for their patients.

The SCA program is leading the development and implementation of a system-wide coordinated access approach, which will:

  1. Improve access to services for the residents in the community
  2. Support organizations who are seeking to improve access to their services through standardization and coordination
  3. Leverage technology to enhance the referral process
  4. Support the advancement of the Provincial eReferral Management strategy