Benefits Realization

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Benefits realization (BR) is a key component of the programs supported through the eHealth Centre of Excellence (eCE). The BR team has adopted an approach to evaluation that is linked with the change management and adoption process. The purpose is to identify the processes that produce organizational and clinical value in health workflows and how the use of different e-tools can yield increased value. The BR team examines academic research and documented best practice guidelines to understand the clinical value propositions that should motivate specific clinical workflows to adopt change.

The BR cases below are part of a series of case studies which describe the clinical value of adopting a new referral process within the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integrated Network (WWLHIN). The work of the eCE BR program will be ongoing as the SCA program evolves.

For more information, contact:
Lori-Anne Huebner, Benefits Realization Lead, eCE

At a Glance

March 2020 – Reducing No-Show rates through the use of eReferral – 1 pager
March 2020 – Efficiency of eReferral Use in Northern Ontario – 1 pager
March 2020 – eReferral and Systems Integration in the Champlain LHIN – 1 pager
Feb 2020 – eReferral and Patient Communication in Care Transitions – 1 pager
Jan 2020 – eReferral and MSK Process – 1 pager

Full Cases