Diagnostic Imaging

Hospital Diagnostic Imaging – Live on eReferral!

Clinicians are now able to send electronic referrals (through OCEAN) to hospital Diagnostic Imaging departments directly from most EMRs. This process not only saves time, but also ensures that clinicians and patients always know the status of the referral, ultimately alleviating the need for multiple follow-up phone calls. Over time, we also expect to see a decrease in wait times.

The Diagnostic Imaging Integrated Program Council (DIIPC), in partnership with the System Coordinated Access Program (SCA), hosted by the eHealth Centre of Excellence, are proud to champion this technology as one of the ways we are committed to improving patient care throughout Waterloo Wellington.

Want to see for yourself?

Check out our DI Webinar by clicking here.

What Changed?
Waterloo Wellington hospitals have adopted new common requisition forms for imaging, including:

  • MRI
  • CT
  • Ultrasound
  • General radiography: Xray, gastric, minor fluoroscopy
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Breast imaging
  • Bone mineral density

You can access these forms in the following ways:

Ocean Health Map
The new forms will be available in the Ocean Health Map at www.oceanhealthmap.ca and will be updated regularly. You can easily add any of the following hospital Diagnostic Imaging referral destinations to your list of Ocean “Favourites” in Ocean to quickly access the form and initiate a requisition:

Practice Solutions Custom Forms (eReferral Quick Launch)
If you use eReferral through your Practice Solutions EMR and wish to add the new forms to your Custom Form Library, you can download them by clicking here.

Practice Solution Custom Forms

If you use standard PDF fillable(not eReferral) forms in Practice Solutions, these can be downloaded here, with thanks to our partners at the Guelph Family Health Team.

Paper (fax) Requisitions
If your practice hasn’t yet transitioned to eReferral, you can continue to fax requisitions using the new Waterloo Wellington Diagnostic Imaging common forms:

The following resources are being provided to assist you with your Ocean set up.

For more instructions please visit: Oceanreferralnetwork.ca

For technical assistance please call the Customer Support Line: 1-855-846-5805 (weekdays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Need to log a ticket? Click here

Do you have questions, comments, feedback, or require additional training support?
Contact the System Coordinated Access Program: eReferral@ehealthce.ca