The Waterloo Wellington Regional Coordination Centre (WWRCC), hosted by Langs Community Health Centre, offers a central intake for all referrals to diabetes education and related specialists. This means improving access to diabetes care by finding the right care at the right time at the right place for individuals and families with diabetes. The WWRCC also provides a mentoring program that supports health service providers throughout the region to deliver high quality, evidence-based care in diabetes.

Central intake for diabetes education provides a simple referral process for self-referrers and primary care, using a common form that can be used to access all available options. The WWRCC triages Primary Care referrals for completeness and forwards the referral based on patient and referrer choice, including: to the most appropriate provider, the soonest available, the closest, or the specific specialist selected. For referrals to Diabetes Education Programs, a specially trained nurse provides clinical triage, including identifying urgent referrals. Additional services include forwarding to participating Nephrologists, Endocrinologists, and Ophthalmologists.

Referrers who have adopted the Ocean eReferral Network can now make seamless referrals to the WWRCC, who will triage their referrals from that point on. For more information on how you can adopt this new solution, please click here.

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