Diagnostic Imaging

The Waterloo Wellington Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Council is currently looking at ways to to improve access and lower wait times to diagnostic imaging services across Waterloo Wellington through the development of an integrated DI network of service delivery for Waterloo Wellington. Participating organizations include Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Grand River Hospital, Guelph General Hospital, North Wellington Health Care, Groves Memorial Community Hospital, and St. Mary’s General Hospital.

DI is the use of technology to take images of parts of the body, including bones and organs, that are otherwise not visible. Examples of common diagnostic images include MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography).

The SCA program is supporting the DI Council’s efforts through dedicated project management, research, and process review and planning support.

Click here for an update on the DI referral process!

For more information, contact:

Kim Rose MRT (R)

PACS & RIS Administrator, Diagnostic Imaging

Telephone (519) 621-2333 ext. 2294

E-mail Krose@cmh.org