Outpatient & Community Rehabilitative Care


Rehabilitative Services help adults recover from injury, illness or disease to the most optimal condition possible. Other services help people with illness live more independently at home.

Visit the Outpatient & Community Rehabilitative Care referral website, on the Caredove platform: www.caredove.com/wwrehab

The following Rehabilitative Care services are available to access through the SCA program:



Musculoskeletal (MSK) Rehabilitation
Use of physical methods, including manipulation and exercise therapy aimed at restoring movement and balance after injury, disease or surgery. Often involves physiotherapy.

icon_rehab_strokeStroke and Neurorehabilitation
Rehabilitation to aid in recovery from a nervous system injury. Treatment helps return the person to meaningful roles in life by regaining and relearning skills for everyday living.


Cardiac Rehabilitation
A program for people with heart disease designed to reduce future heart risks. Often involves nutritional counselling, blood pressure management, weight and diabetes management, exercise and counselling.


Supervised Rehabilitation Exercise
Exercise programs delivered with the support of certified professionals. Programs include a mix of education and exercise. May be focused on specific chronic disease. Often done in community, post rehabilitation.


Gentle Exercise & Falls Prevention Classes
Exercise and education that improves strength, balance, flexibility and reduce risk of falls. Includes seated exercises. May be available at home.


Aquafit Programs
Exercise with the use of water to support the body to reduce the risk of muscle or joint injury.


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For more information, contact:
James Downham, Engagement & Change Management Lead, SCA
Email: James.Downham@eHealthCE.ca